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How did we start?

In 2014, 4 moms in the Champaign Urbana area found each other.  We all had 2 things in common - kids with disabilities and an amazing Early Intervention Occupational Therapist (OT) who was passionate about our children.   Our mutual OT heard us all talk, at various times, about wishing we had more support or knew other people who understood what we were going through.   She connected us and CU Able was born.  

Our mission has always been to bring families, resources and community together to celebrate and support our kids by supporting the families.   One thing we knew - even though all our children had very different disabilities, we were on a very similar journey.   And we knew that if WE needed extra support, then there were probably lots of other parents and caregivers out there who needed it, too.

We Are All Different

All of our children have different disabilities

No matter where you are in the special needs journey; from newly diagnosed to adulthood, we all run into the same questions and concerns even though there are a wide range of disabilities represented in the CU Able. 


Some disabilities represented in the group include:

·         Anxiety Disorder

·         Autism Spectrum Disorder

·         Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

·         Childhood Apraxia of Speech

·         Childhood Trauma

·         Cerebral Palsy

·         Developmental Delay

·         Down Syndrome

·         Dyslexia

·         Global Apraxia

·         Rhett Syndrome

·         Seizure Disorders

·         Sensory Processing Disorder

·         Spina Bifida

·         PANDAS

·         Various Chromosomal Abnormalities

·         Various Physical Disabilities

·         Various Developmental Disabilities

·         Various Mental Disabilities

·         Other disabilities not yet discovered or     


We Are All The Same

We all need people who understand our special quirks and needs.

People who won't judge us or our children for being different.


People who understand our need to visit

doctors – frequently.

People who know how to navigate the insurance process, so we don’t have to recreate the wheel. 

People to tell us what doctors, therapists, dentists, hair stylists, optometrists, and other service providers are experts in their field and whom they trust to handle their children’s needs. 


People who know how to advocate – whether for medical treatment, educational support, or legislative change. 


People with whom we can celebrate the tiniest achievements our kids make and with whom we can cry when we are exhausted, overwhelmed or tragedy strikes. 

We need each other. 

We hope you feel welcome and find a place here in CU Able.

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