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Diaper Program

CU Able realizes that diapers and wipes are generally not covered by private insurance.


To help families of children with special needs CU Able has signed up to be part of the Cares Program by offering diapers and wipes at a reduced rate. CU Able is making no money off of these wipes or diapers, you are receiving these at our cost.


This program is only for families that have children with special needs.

How this works:

Date: What happens?

By the 15th of the month Fill out this form (Diapers and Wipes Reservation Form)
By the 20th of the month Receive email with total, payment options, & pick-up instructions
By the 27th of the month Payments must be received
Around the 1st of the month Orders arrive

Fill out the form by midnight of the 15th of the month. You will be emailed with the total, instructions on how you are able to pay and receive items. Note, if you order over $35 worth of diapers and wipes you will have the option of your order being direct shipped to your home. 


Pickup/delivery will be around the 1st of the month (depending on holidays and weekends). The pick-up location will be in Champaign/Urbana. CU Able must receive payment for your order before it is placed.


Payments must be received by 27th of the month to be included in the monthly order. Any payments received after the 27th will be placed on the next month's order. If you pay via Paypal there will be a 2.9 % fee in addition to your total. With this program, we are not able to offer returns, exchanges or refunds.

Please check your junk email if you haven't received a confirmation email by the 20th of the month.

If you have any questions please contact


JetCares Baby Diapers combine excellent leakage protection and comfort. JetCares diapers are free from dyes and fragrances to promote good skin health for your child's sensitive skin.

Newborn - Package of 108 diapers for $11.24 (10.4 cents per diaper)
Size 1 - Package of 175 diapers for $18.36 (10.5 cents per diaper)
Size 2 - Package of 252 diapers for $26.24 (10.4 cents per diaper)
Size 3 - Package of 224 diapers for $26.24 (11.7 cents per diaper)
Size 4 - Package of 200 diapers for $26.24 (13.1 cents per diaper)
Size 5 - Package of 160 diapers for $26.24 (16.4 cents per diaper)
Size 6 - Package of 144 diapers for $26.24 (18.2 cents per diaper)


JetsCare Baby wipes, Sensitive/Unscented 3 Ply, 1000 Ct - $14.99 (1.5 cents per wipe) - these come in 10 packages with 100 wipes per pack.


JetCares Baby Wipes' special 3-ply design has two quilted outer layers that are cottony soft and textured for easier cleaning. The strong inner layer helps prevent tearing or stretching to keep your hand clean. Official low cost baby wipe of the JetCares Program.

With 3 Ply Tri-Form fabric, these wipes aren’t just for a baby’s bottom! Their softness and strength makes them great for all sorts of jobs—from wiping little hands and faces, removing make-up, or quick on-the-go clean ups.

Convenient single-hand dispensing with push button lid and pop-up wipes. The press open lid makes it simple to grab a wipe with one hand, so you can hold your baby safely with the other one.

Pre-moistened with cleanser, Aloe and Vitamin E. Free from fragrances and dyes.

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