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Champaign Urbana Special Recreation, CUSR, provides year-round recreation programs for adults and children with disabilities. Their mission is to “enhance participants’ abilities in enjoyable, recreational, leisure, and social settings.” CUSR offers programs and events from 2 years old to adulthood.

Their home base is at Hays Recreation Center, where many of the programs and events take place but they also have day and overnight trips. Some of these events include inclusive and cooperative programs, special events, after school programs, Special Olympics, summer day camps and much more. CUSR’s inclusion program, which is where a child or adult with disabilities can be placed with an aide when participating in a program with Champaign or Urbana Park District, is at no cost to the individual.

To register for events and/or programs with CUSR, you can go online to and click on CUSR. You can also register in person at these locations: - CUSR office (Hays Recreation Center) – 1311 W. Church St., Champaign - Bresnan Meeting Center – 706 Kenwood Dr., Champaign - Leonhard Recreation Center – 2307 Sangamon Dr., Champaign - Springer Cultural Center – 301 N. Randolph St., Champaign - Douglass Community Center – 512 E. Grove St., Champaign

Residents who reside within Champaign and Urbana pay resident rates for programs. Residents residing outside these cities will pay the non-resident rate. But, as of last year, there is a new policy for all the non-residents whom do not pay taxes into Champaign or Urbana Park District. Non-residents now have the option to pay $50 for a year’s privilege to register at the resident rate. This charge is yearly starting from the time initially paid. For more information, call CUSR.

For more information, please visit You can also call (217) 239-1152 TTY 711 or email

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