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The Tom Jones Challenger League is proof that ALL children who want to play sports can do so. In our case, it’s baseball. We believe that all children need to be given the chance and we exist for that very reason. -

A Parent's perspective:

The Tom Jones Challenger Baseball League has been amazing for our son Maxwell. Last year was his first season playing. At the time, Maxwell was a pretty shy kid and kind of hung out in the background in public. His language and social skills were not strong which was part of the reason Maxwell was a shy kid. After a few games, he really started to let the “real Maxwell” show. He started to understand the routine of the game, batting then running the bases, playing in the field and then sitting in the dugout and waiting his turn to bat. Maxwell is a stroke survivor, so he doesn’t use his right hand/arm very much. He is also very protective of “righty”, but, again, after a few games, Maxwell was trying to swing with both hands on the bat. Also, each child is paired with a “buddy”, if needed, for help and Maxwell’s buddy was always there to help him with swinging the bat and throwing the ball. We have signed up for another season. My husband and I are excited to see what this season will hold for Maxwell as his language and social skills are stronger.

- Nicole Morgan, mother of 5 year old Maxwell who has Cerebral Palsy due to a stroke in utero and autism

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